We all have a thin hard layer that covers the ends of our fingers and toes and these are called nails. Some people would have their nails chipped and with spots on them. This must not be taken lightly as it might be due to an underlying health condition. The person must visit a doctor to know about the exact reason and get treated for the underlying health issue.

There are several health issues that are revealed by white spots on the nails and these are


The presence of white spots in the nails could be due to leukonychia and it is usually harmless. This could be due to some minor injuries to the nail bed. It is important to consult a dermatologist or a skin doctor if the spots on the nails are persistent.

Trauma or nail damage:

White spots can occur on the nails due to nail damage or trauma also. Injury is the most common reason for the white nail patches.


There are many symptoms or signs of this health condition like frequent urination, feeling thirsty, blurry eyesight etc. The presence of longitudinal leukonychia or white spots running up and down the nails would also reveal the presence of diabetes in the person.

Heart issue:

If the heart is not functioning properly, then the nails might show white lines. So, please take care and do not ignore the white lines on the nails.

Liver disorders:

Persistent liver disorders would be indicated by the presence of white spots on the nails. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a specialist without fail and get treated.

Kidney issue:

If a person has chronic kidney issues then the top of the nails would turn white. It is known that the kidney is a very important organ in us and any issue in kidneys would make our lives difficult.

Fungal infection:

It must be taken into account that the presence of fungal infection would be shown by white spots on the nails. Therefore, consulting a skin specialist or a dermatologist would be necessary.

Nutritional deficiency:

If a person has got nutritional l deficiencies then he or she might have white spots on their nails. Any deficiency in zinc, selenium and vitamin D etc would be shown by white spots on the nails. It must be noted that deficiency in calcium is also revealed by the presence of white spots on the nails.

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