Mobility is very important for us to lead normal lives. As we grow older or age, it is natural that we could get issues associated with our feet and ankle etc. When a person gets this type of issue, then his or her normal day to day life would get affected. The person would have to depend on others for their daily activities etc.
It has been brought to light by the ortho doctors that addressing feet and ankle conditions was very necessary in the elderly persons to make them lead a good quality and normal lives. Fact is that having low bone density would make a person prone to fractures etc as their bones would be weak..

There are various symptoms of low bone density such as

Pain and discomfort:
It must be noted that the onset of pain, discomfort etc present in feet and ankles would reveal underlying conditions like arthritis etc.

Point is that the presence of edema or swelling in the feet or ankles would reveal the presence of circulatory issues like heart problems etc in us.

Limited range of motion:
Problems like joint deterioration, ligament stiffness, inflammation etc would lead to issues in moving the feet and ankles etc freely.

As the person becomes older then the person might get bunions, hammertoes etc and these could cause lots of pain and uncomfortable feelings etc.

Changes in skin:
It is worthy to note here that skin of an aging person would be more susceptible to dryness, cracking etc and these could result in infections when not managed well.

Feeling stiffness is also one important symptom of losing bone density. There would be gradual loss in the flexibility and range of motion in the joints. By this, doing daily activities would be challenging.

Changes in the shape of foot:
Bunions, hammertoes etc would develop slowly in a person causing issues. Sometimes, the foot would also become flat.

Feeling fatigue:
After short periods of walking g or standing, a person might get pain and\or feel very tired. This is also an important symptom of loss in bone density.

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