Vellore District had always been on the fore-front in the struggle for the freedom. In fact the Sepoy Mutiny of 1806 A.D. that broke out inside the Vellore fort against the British authority is considered to be a prelude to the Great Revolt of 1857, which is often described by some historians as the first war of Independence.

The outstanding performance of this district in contributing to the Military service is Commendable, as more and more men have enlisted themselves to the Military service, to serve the nation with indomitable sprit and courage. The clock tower in the long Bazaar Vellore was built in 1920 A.D. a stone inscription in the building reads "Vellore-From this Village 277 men want to the Great war 1914-18, of them 14 gave up their lives". This is a recorded testimony the Velore and Military prowess of this area.


The economic condition of the district in the earlier stages was not very sound in the absence of the major industries. Thanks to the sustained efforts and Vigorous police of the Govt . Industries like Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd Ranipet, Tamil Nadu Explosives Ltd., Katpadi. Have been set up. Besides there has been marked growth of small scale industries and Tanneries in the district.

This industrial activity has not only generated employment opportunities, but also contributed. Uzhavar to economic growth the recently introduced Uzhavar Sandhai, for instance has benefited the rural poor giving much needed thrust to the economic. The innovative self help groups of woman are also playing a very useful role in building rural economy and helping rural women to be self reliant.

The social scenario also has changed keeping pace with the changing times. Increased social awareness and upward social growth mark the successful story of the district. The bonded labour, the child labour, etc. Are fast disappearing giving place to new social order. A striking feature of the social change is that the district achieved cent percent literacy owing to the effective implementation of the Arivoli, Movement.

The Samathuvapurams that are being set up, in various parts of the districtherald a new era, as social harmony and peaceful co-existence of different communities are the basic concept of this scheme. The Varumun Kappom Thittam by proving basic infrastructure to rural folk for a free medical examination is indeed a milestone in the social history of Tamil Nadu.

The cultural impact in the society is also very significant same of the traditional arts of the District like the Therukoothu, an art form folk theaters, Kokkalikottai, a famous traditional dance in the district are gradually vanishing. But it is also a matter of solace to note that some of the handicrafts for which the Vellore district are renowned, are still flourishing Mats making in Walajapet, silk weaving in Arni and the traditional art of pot making in Vellore and places around, are some of the handicrafts which are enable to successfully withstand challenges through ages. The poomalai scheme that has been introduced by the govt. will not only preserve the traditional handicrafts, but also promote their growth.



The Vellore District is one of the leading districts of the state. Where the development of the education has been consistently good and commendable. The American Arcot mission, which was established in Vellore center in 1853, has the distribution of pioneering the cause of higher education by establishing The American Arcot mission College afflilated to the University of Madras as early as 1898. This later come to be known as Voorhees College.

The Sacred Heart College, Tirupattur the Auxilium College, (for women) at Katpadi are other Christian institutions dedicated themselves to the cause of education. The Govt .of Tamil Nadu with an ambitious scheme and ardent desire to promote higher education, setup series of Arts Colleges throughout the state. The Muthurangam Govt. Arts College, Vellore. Thirumagal mills Govt Arts college, Gudiyatham Arigar Anna Arts college for women, Walajah have been established in the rural end poor students.

The private participation in the growth of higher education in the District is also over whelming. The D.K.M. College for women Vellore is a fine Example.

Some Muslim Philanthropists and educationists, realising the need to wide open opportunities for the muslim youth to learn higher education, have established educational centers. The Islamiah college, Vaniayambadi, C. Abdul Hakeem college, Melvisharam, Mazhrul-uloom college, Ambur, the Muslim minority Institutions are also contributing their mite in promoting higher education in the District. The Arabic College in Vellore town is another important educational center for higher education.

The district is not Lagging behind in providing professional education. The Christian Medical College, Vellore. Which is of international repute, is offering even P.G. courses in some specialised branches. By starting an Engineering College, the Govt. also has fulfilled the aspiration of the student community of this district. In view of the financial constraints, in the Last few years, the Govt., has encourage self financing Institutions.

The Vellore engineering College, Vellore, which has many academic distinction to its credit, The Priyadershini engineering college, Vaniyampadi, have come into existence as a result. And there is also Govt. Teachers Training College, in Vellore offering both U.G. & P.G. courses. The phenomenal growth of these educational institution in the district only testify the growing demand and the keen interest evinced by the student community for higher and professional Education.