A decision has been taken now regarding the introduction of a third group apart from science and commerce groups for the students studying in the state run higher secondary schools across Tamil Nadu. By this, the students would have one more career option.

In the state of TN, currently there are about 3000 government higher secondary schools and about 18 lakhs students are studying in these schools. There are only 2 main groups like science and commerce groups now.

The school education dept has now taken a decision to introduce a news group apart from the already existing science and commerce groups. According to a senior officer from the school education dept, an expert committee consisting of high level authorities and educationalists have been discussing the subjects that would be present in this new third group. This third group would not have any relevance to the science or commerce groups.

He spoke about how the students from government higher secondary schools in TN chose either science or commerce groups after completing class 10. He added that these students were unable to compete with their school students belonging to other boards while getting admissions in the higher educational institutions.

It is now mentioned that a separate Humanities and Arts group might be introduced for the school students for the sake of the job opportunities. It is worthy to note that the syllabus would be prepared for the subjects of this third group and it would be equivalent to that of the CBSE curriculum.

Information collected is that the teachers would also be appointed subject wise in the new group. The school students would be provided with textbooks free of cost. The third group would be introduced in the schools in a phased manner and based on the feedback the third group would be introduced in all the schools across the state.

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