Currently, `rice` ration card holders receive complimentary rice and wheat. In addition, they can purchase 1 kg of Bengal gram for Rs. 30 per kg, a palm oil packet for Rs. 25, and 1 kg of sugar for Rs. 25.

The Tamil Nadu Consumer Trading Federation acquires wheat and rice from the India Food Corporation and other items from private agencies. It then distributes these goods to ration shops for public access.

As of now, the central government has reduced the price of domestic LPG cooking gas cylinders by Rs. 200.

In this context, the State Government of Tamil Nadu is exploring the possibility of providing Bengal gram and palm oil free of charge to `rice` ration card holders for the special occasion of Deepavali.

To facilitate this initiative, the Tamil Nadu Consumer Federation has devised a plan to procure the necessary stocks for the next three months, including 60,000 tons of Bengal gram and 6 Crores liters of palm oil in 1-liter packets.

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