The Officials of the Department of Transport of the State Government of Tamil Nadu have announced that 30.14 Lakh students will be issued a free bus pass in the form of a smart card!
The Department of School Education of the State Government of Tamil Nadu had announced that the schools will be reopened after the summer vacation for all classes from the 1st Standard to the 12th Standard (+2) from the 7th of June.

Subsequently, arrangements are being made for the issue of free bus travel passes to the students studying in schools, colleges, Industrial Training Institutes and Polytechnics on behalf of the Department of Transport of the State Government of Tamil Nadu.

As per the present situation, it is estimated that             30.10 Lakhs students will avail of this free travel facility.

The Tamil Nadu State Government Transport officials shared in this regard:

“We have commenced the task of distributing free bus travel passes in the form of a `Smart Card`! This task is to be undertaken by the organization IRT (Indian Road Transport).

We have estimated as per the present conditions that 30.14 Lakhs students throughout Tamil Nadu will be given. In case more smart cards for free travel are required, action will be taken for the same.

We have planned to distribute the free bus travel smart card before the schools reopen!”

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