In maintaining our overall health, kidneys play an important role in us. Hence , we must take care of our kidney health. It is well known to us that kidneys play a huge part in filtering waste products and toxins from blood plus regulating fluid balance etc. It is worthy to note that kidneys also play an important role in producing hormones that control our blood pressure and impaired kidney health would lead to huge increases in blood pressure in us. This would be very dangerous.

Why vegetarian foods for kidney health?

It must be taken into account that vegetarian foods are rich in essential nutrients and low in saturated fats and cholesterol etc. Therefore, eating these veg foods, would help in promoting kidney health.

There are certain vegetarian foods that would make our kidney health superb. These foods are

Intake of spinach:

It is known that this vegetable is rich in vitamin B9, calcium, iron etc. By eating spinach, our overall kidney health would become superb and we could avoid the formation of kidney stones etc.

Intake of almonds:

Intake of almonds would provide us with many benefits and improved kidney health is one among them. When we eat almonds rich in magnesium, then our BP would be controlled and this would make the kidney health better.

Intake of quinoa:

Rich in proteins and fibres plus essential amino acids etc , quinoa is excellent for kidney health. It would be a superb substitute for rice etc.

Intake of kale:

This vegetable has vitamins like A and C plus iron, calcium etc in it. Intake of kale is good for the health of the kidneys.

Intake of blueberries:

Oxidative stress could lead to kidney damage and consuming blueberries full of antioxidants would lower the kidney damage.

Intake of chia seeds:

Point is that chia seeds have fibres plus plant proteins, omega 3 fatty cds etc in them. By eating chia seeds, we could have good digestion and control blood sugar levels. This would improve kidney health.

Intake of lentils:

By regulating the blood sugar levelels in us, intake of lentils would be tremendous in improving kidney health. Lentils are rich in proteins, dietary fibre and iron etc is known.

Intake of sweet potatoes:

When compared to regular potatoes rich in potassium, sweet potatoes have low potassium and this would be superb for kidney health.

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