To reduce the gap between the students seeking employment and the available job opportunities etc and make more students get jobs easily, the syllabus of arts and science colleges in TN would be revamped.
The gross enrollment ratio of TN has increased to 51.4% when compared with the national average of 27.1%. Hence the Higher Education Department has decided to change the syllabus.
To revamp the syllabus for the arts and science courses in all HEIs in the state of TN, a high level committee has been formed now. It is learnt that this high level committee has educationalists, experts and industry representatives etc. In the academic year 2023-24 , the new syllabus would be introduced. It is true that in recent times admissions to courses like BSc and Bcom streams in the arts and sciences colleges have been reduced.
Many students are not showing much interest to join BSc mathematics, physics and chemistry etc now. In the same manner, courses like BA Economics and corporate studies etc have become the least preferred courses among the students in the last few years. This was according to a senior officer belonging to HEI. He spoke about how the students would need huge skills to cope up with the demands of the 21st century. He concluded that this was the reason for revamping the syllabus in the arts and sciences in TN.
Before the syllabus is changed, many important points would be taken into consideration. There would be enhancement of concept oriented teaching plus redesigning of teachers training etc. Project oriented teaching and learning would be promoted. Information is that the decision to revamp the syllabus was taken as it was based on long term vision.
To take decisions regarding the salient points, the curriculum committee would organise a series of  zonal and consultative meetings. Once the review meetings get over, identification of the textbook and content writing team plus agencies and publishers for textbook designing will take place.`
There would be installation of suggestion boxes at all the colleges in the state for getting feedback from teachers, faculty associations, parents and students etc. The position papers of different subjects and draft syllabus of arts and science courses would be finalised only after those discussions and meetings etc. For the feedback from the public, the position papers and draft syllabus would be uploaded onto the website. The curriculum document would be uploaded accordingly.

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