Have you come across five star shaped fruit that is both sweet as well as sour in taste?
We are now talking about the star fruit or carambola that is increasingly becoming popular now. It is found growing in tropical SE Asian countries and it would be green or yellowish in colour. It must be noted that the fruit has got distinctive ridges running down its sides. We would be able to eat carambola or star fruit either as juice or incorporated into the dishes etc. This fruit has vitamins, fibres, beta carotene, gallic acid plus minerals like magnesium, iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorus etc.
There are many health advantages we can get by eating the star fruits and they are
Good for weight loss:
Those persons who are in the weight loss process could eat star fruits. By consuming star fruit that is low in calories and rich in fibre content we would feel full for a long time. Our food cravings would be reduced. This would help us to lose weight.
Rich in nutrients:
Our overall well being as well as immunity would become better when we eat star fruits rich in vitamin C, potassium, antioxidants etc.
Improves digestive health:
The presence of dietary fibres in star fruit would help in smooth digestion. We would be able to avoid issues like constipation etc. By adding star fruit to our diet, our digestive issues would get reduced.
Boosts hydration:
For our health to be good, we must stay hydrated without fail. By eating this amazing fruit, we would feel hydrated throughout the day and that would be due to the high water content of this fruit.
Lowers cholesterol:
It is true that the hypolipidemic action of star fruit would prevent non alcoholic fatty liver disease in us.  The dietary fibres present in this cambola would lower the cholesterol in us.
Good for heart health:
It is noteworthy that the presence of potassium in starfruit would improve our heart health to a huge extent. Pont is that potassium helps in lowering the blood pressure and by this the risk of getting cardiovascular diseases etc would get lowered.
Prevents cancer:
Not many of us would be awarere of the fact that star fruits would function as a potential natural supplement in preventing cancer. There are possibilities of lowering colon cancer in us because the fruit would cleanse the colon, clear the toxins etc. 

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