Originating in the Americas in the regions where Argentina and Brazil meet, herbaceous perennial pineapples is a tropical plant with edible fruit. It belongs to the family named Bromeliaceae.
It is learnt that the pineapples grow as a small shrub and the individual flowers of the unpollinated plant fuse to form multiple fruits. Pineapples have ingredients like copper, zinc, calcium,manganese, bromelain, protein, carbohydrates, sugars, dietary fibres, vitamin C etc.
Eating pineapples would provide us with plenty of health benefits like
Improved bone strength:
Pineapples have high manganese in them and due to this the bones would be strong and healthy. Hence, we must eat pineapple without fail for our bones to be good.
Improves digestion:
It must be noted that the pineapples would improve digestion and would provide relief to stomach pain etc. The ingredients such as bromelain, dietary fibres and vitamin C in pineapples would help in health digestion.
Superb oral health:
It is highly necessary that we must have good oral health. The duo of calcium and manganese play a huge role here. Calcium andĀ  manganese would preserve bone and tooth health. It is known that calcium would make up our teeth and bones.
Controls BP:
Managing blood pressure could help us to avoid many health complications. Intake of pineapples havingĀ  high potassium and low sodium would help us to control blood pressure well.
Lowers stress:
Stress is the real reason for so many health issues in us. Hence, we must control stress. Pineapples have serotonin, a natural stress reliever and by eating pineapples we could keep stress at bay. By this, our overall health would be improved.
Good for hair health:
This is also one superb benefit of intake of pineapples. The presence of vitamin C in pineapples would make our hairs thicker and stronger.

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