Many of us eat eggs everyday for breakfast without even knowing the fact that it would lead to some health issues in us. It is 100% true that any food when eaten in excess would lead to issues and the same holds true for eggs too. By egg we refer to the hard shelled reproductive body produced by a bird, mostly chicken. Point is that over the years eggs have become surprisingly controversial foods.

It is known that eggs are highly nutritious having vitamins, minerals and proteins etc and would provide us with many health benefits like raising good cholesterol, providing us with choline, an important nutrient plus lower risk of heart diseases, improved eye health, improved management of weight etc.

Various health issues of eating eggs everyday are

Might raise cholesterol:

Being high in dietary cholesterol, intake of eggs every day would increase our cholesterol levels. More cholesterol might result in more chances of cardiovascular illness development.

Biotin absorption:

The avidin or protein present in white of the egg would attach to vitamin B or biotin and decrease its absorption.

Saturated fat content:

 In addition to the beneficial fats, eggs have considerable amounts of saturated fats too. We might consume more saturated fat when we eat lots of fried eggs daily. This could lead to poor heart health in some persons. So, please be careful.


In those persons who have got intolerance to eggs, allergies could occur. The shocking fact is that egg allergies could vary from mild hives to serious anaphylaxis. It is better to stay away from eggs if a person is allergic to eggs

Digestive issues:

There are also possibilities of stomach pain in some persons who eat more eggs. The digestive issues would include indigestion, gas, bloating etc.

Risk of contamination:

It must be noted that when we eat raw eggs or uncooked eggs there are more chances of getting salmonella. Hence, it is important to cook eggs fully and then eat. Persons like pregnant mothers, kids, elders, those with weakened immune systems must avoid eating uncooked eggs.

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