Not only efficient planning and execution play a huge role in maintaining high productivity during work, but eating structured and healthy food too. This would keep the body energised throughout the day at the workplace. It is a fact that intake of processed foods and sweet foods etc would result in energy boost for the time being but later on energy crash might occur. It is necessary that we must think about what we eat during the day or else our energy would get drained and productivity would go down. At the workplace, we must consume snacks having protein, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals etc. It must be noted that balancing a 9am to 5pm work lifestyle might lead to neglected meals and compromised health. Truth is that there would be significant improvement in work even with small changes.

Various healthy snacks to eat during work are

Drinking buttermilk:
Drinking buttermilk would keep the energy levels stable and high. Our hunger would be satisfied. It is well known that buttermilk is a natural probiotic and is full of whey proteins. During our busy work, many of us forget to hydrate ourselves. And consuming butter milk would be superb.

Drinking Mint tea:
It is good to drink mint tea after consuming lunch. Truth is that intake of mint tea would help in digestion and acidity gets combated. Not many of us would know that drinking tea or coffee would increase the acidity in us.

Banana intake:
It is good to eat bananas either as mid morning or as an afternoon snack. It is noteworthy that intake of bananas would maintain mental alertness and energy. There would not be an energy crash but we would get a quick energy boost after eating bananas.

Roasted chana intake:
We could eat roasted chana snacks either at mid afternoon or before taking lunch. By eating roasted chana that is rich in dietary fibres and proteins etc we would feel full for a long time and would have enough energy at work place.

Pistachios intake:
Pistachios could be eaten as a late afternoon snack at the workplace. By eating this snack, our blood sugar levels would be managed well plus we would have good heart health also. It is known to us that pistachios have healthy fats, proteins, antioxidants etc. We would feel full after eating pistachios as it would satisfy our hunger plus we would also have good health due to the nutrients present in this snack.

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