If you have the habit of taking your mobile phone to the toilet, then you are not alone!!

Many youngsters these days go to the toilet with their smartphones and browse, reply to emails or even talk to others etc. It is worthy to mention that sitting inside the toilet with mobile phones in hand could expose us to deadly pathogens.

It must be noted that the toilet seats are breeding grounds for germs. When we sit on the toilet seat and scroll our mobile phones we can carry germs on our hands. These germs would move to our eyes, noise and mouth through the hands. Not many of us would know that germs could live on mobile phones for up to 28 days. By touching the shared surfaces like toilet seats, inside toilet rooms etc and then touching the mobile phones, there are chances of cross contamination.

On the toilet seats would be present commonly found germs like staphylococcus aureus. There are also other stains of this present on the toilet seats and they are also harmful for us causing UTI or urinary tract infections etc. People sitting on the toilet seats could also get exposed to E.coli , enterococcus, salmonella etc

Various issues:

Various issues we could get through the contaminated mobile phones are abdominal pain, diarrhoea, infections and food poisoning etc. There are also a lot of possibilities like abscesses, sinusitis etc also.

Other issues:

We must not sit inside the toilets for a long time but when we go with mobile phones inside the toilet we would not be aware of the time. Too much pressure would be there in the rectum when we sit for a long time inside the toilets. This would lead to hemorrhoids also. It is shocking to note that the veins around the anus would stretch under the pressure and bulge/swell etc.

Things to follow compulsorily:

These days we all follow hand hygiene after coming out of the toilets but many of us skip phone hygiene. After using the toilets, the hands must be washed well and mobile phones must be totally avoided inside the toilets.

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