The news is that a new order has been issued now and according to the order all the teachers have been asked to take part in the month end census work regarding the students who have not gone to the schools.

It must be noted that in TN works have been going on regarding the census work on the school students who have not gone to the schools. An order has been issued already about this census work that would be carried out in the first 2 weeks of April and in the last 2 weeks of May.

The additional state program director has issued instructions to ensure that all the primary and middle school headmasters and teachers etc are involved in the survey that would take place in the last week of May month. He mentioned that it was the duty of the school headmasters and teachers to identify those school students who have not attended the schools for 3 consecutive days at an early stage itself and they must advise them and make them come to the schools.

He added that all school headmasters must obtain and maintain the ration card numbers of all the students studying under them. Admissions must not be denied for the students for the want of Aadhaar cards, birth certificates etc. The parents must be guided to get the documents after providing admissions to the students in the schools. Lastly, admission must not be denied for the students for any reason.

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