Our health can be judged by looking at the tongue!! Surprised right, but it`s true!!

It must be noted that from the colour of the tongue we could get information about various health issues or diseases present in us. Without tongues, we might not be able to know about the taste of various dishes. Without tongue we would not be able to digest properly. Therefore, the tongue is very important for us. The bitter fact is that the amount of time we spend taking care of our face is more than the amount of time we spend taking care of our tongue.

What is a healthy tongue?

Point to be noted is that a healthy tongue refers to a pinkish colour with a thin white coating on the surface. When the tongue colour changes from pink colour, then we must be careful.

Various tongue colours and the health issues that they would indicate:

Black colour:

In some people, their tongue colour would appear black. This could be due to the presence of serious health issues like cancer etc in them. The presence of fungus or ulcer etc is also shown by the black coloured tongue.

White colour:

The white coloured tongue would reveal that the body is more dehydrated. Therefore, drinking water is essential to avoid this issue. In addition, serious issues like leukoplakia are also revealed by white coloured tongues.

Yellow colour:

In some people, their tongue colour would be yellowish. This means that digestion must be improved. When there is bacteria in the mouth, then the tongue colour would be yellow. Some liver based issues are also shown by yellow coloured tongue.

Red colour:

When our body is deficient in iron and vitamin B, then it would be revealed by red coloured tongue. Not only these, but the red coloured tongue would also indicate the presence of flu, infections etc.


Never be casual but please visit a doctor without fail if you notice these colour changes on your tongue. Get treated for underlying issues immediately.

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