The Cybercrime Department of the State Government of Tamil Nadu has announced the launch of a new official website for tracking and retrieving lost mobile phones.

In a notification released on Wednesday, 11th October, the Cybercrime Department of the State Government of Tamil Nadu stated the following:

“The Telecommunication Department of the Central Ministry of Telecommunications launched a new official website, `Sanchar Gandhi,` on the 17th of May to address various aspects of digital protection and safety.

This website comprises several sections, including the Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR), TAFCOP, and Know Your Mobile (KYM).

Citizens can report complaints about their lost mobile phones on the CEIR – Central Equipment Identity Register website.
The Department of Cybercrimes of the Tamil Nadu State Government, in collaboration with the Telecommunications Department, has established accounts for all the offices of the Metro City Police Commissions and District Police Superintendents on the CEIR website. This feature will facilitate the blocking of the lost mobile phone`s number (IMEI). As a result, the missing mobile phone number will be blocked within 24 hours.

With this block, stolen mobile phones cannot be used for unlawful activities.
The public can access the current status of their lost mobile phones through this website.

Furthermore, by contacting the number 14422 and sending an SMS (Short Message Service), one can ascertain the authenticity of the IMEI number, and details about the type of cell phone will be provided.

If citizens visit the website owned by TAFCOP, they can find details about all the numbers registered on the cell phone number in question.”

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