In the future, in Tamil Nadu, all the universities and affiliated colleges would follow a common syllabus and uniform exam timetable. On the same date, the results would be announced.
The higher education minister Mr. Ponmudy mentioned that the VC of the universities have been asked to adopt only the state education policy after it was released.  On Wednesday, a high level meeting took place and in the meeting a decision was taken. The meeting witnessed the presence of many state Vice Chancellors. He later revealed that the expert committee has been busy preparing the state education policy now.

No changes would be made in language subjects like Tamil and English by the institutions. Point is that the TN Council for Higher Education has come out with a uniform syllabus. The details of the curricullum was submitted to all VCs. It is now said that in the future all the universities and its affiliated colleges would adopt a uniform syllabus.

According to the needs, the universities would be allowed to make changes upto 25% in the syllabus. In the meeting, it was decided to conduct all the semester exams with the same timetable and the results would be announced at the same time. This was also explained by the minister.

The students coming from rural places in TN would be benefited as the PG admissions would be conducted at the same time. The higher education minister concluded that the Governor of TN was conducting the VC meeting without consulting the TN govt.

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