Christian Festival Calendar – 2024
Date Day Festival
6th Jan 2024 Sat Epiphany
7th Jan 2024 Sun Baptism Of The Lord
2nd Feb 2024 Fri Candlemas
14th Feb 2024 Wed St Valentines Day
14th Feb 2024 Wed Ash Wednesday
17th Mar 2024 Sun Natwest Bank holidays
19th Mar 2024 Tue St Josephs Day
24th Mar 2024 Sun Palm Sunday
28th Mar 2024 Thu Maundy Holy Thursday
29th Mar 2024 Fri Good Friday
31th Mar 2024 Sun Easter
1st Apr 2024 Mon Easter Monday
23rd Apr 2024 Tue St Georges Day
9th May 2024 Thu Ascension of Jesus
19th May 2024 Sun Pentecost
26th May 2024 Sun Trinity Sunday
30th May 2024 Thu Corpus Christi
29th Jun 2024 Sat Saints Peter And Paul
15th Jul 2024 Mon Saint Vladimir
25th Jul 2024 Thu St James The Great Day
1st Aug 2024 Thu Lammas
15th Aug 2024 Thu The Assumption Of Mary
14th Sep 2024 Sat Holy Cross Day
29th Sep 2024 Sun Michael And All Angels
31th Oct 2024 Thu Halloween
1st Nov 2024 Fri All Saints Day
2nd Nov 2024 Sat All Souls Day
24th Nov 2024 Sun Christ The King
28th Nov 2024 Thu Thanksgiving (USA)
30th Nov 2024 Sat St Andrews Day
3rd Dec 2024 Tue Advent First Sunday
6th Dec 2024 Fri St Nicholas Day
24th Dec 2024 Tue Christmas Eve
25th Dec 2024 Wed Christmas
28th Dec 2024 Sat Holy Innocents
31th Dec 2024 Tue Watch Night