Can the diabetic people eat carrots?
Belonging to the family named Apiaceae, carrots are orange in colour and this is due to the presence of carotene. The surprising piece of information is that the carrots are made up of 88% of water and they have seeds. The carrots are non starchy, sweet flavoured vegetables with low saturated fat and cholesterol. There are many nutrients present in carrots like calcium, iron, potassium, fibres, vitamins like A, C, K etc.  By eating carrots, we could get numerous benefits like improved immunity, improved skin health, good vision etc.
Normally, those with diabetes are warned to avoid eating carrots but the truth is that carrots are highly beneficial for the diabetics.


Health benefits that diabetics could get by eating carrots are

Manages blood sugar levels:
It is worthy to note that carrots have high glycemic index or GI and forms a stronger impact on the blood sugar levels. Information is that raw carrots have GI of 16 and billed carrots have GI from 32 to 49.
Improves eye health:
The presence of zeaxanthin and lutein in carrots would improve eye health. It is known fact that those persons with diabetes would have poor eye health. The vitamin A (which is important for eye health) is converted by beta carotene present in the carrots. We could get blind if we do not have enough vitamin A and by consuming carrots we could avoid this.
Controls glucose levels:
The blood glucose levels in the body would get controlled by the carrots with vitamin A. the presence of antioxidants, fibres and other nutrients in the carrots are important for diabetics. It must be noted that carrots are safe to eat for the diabetics as they have low GI value.
Safe choice:
It is superb to mention that carrots are a safe choice for those with diabetes who are keen on maintaining their blood sugar levels.
How to eat carrots:
Persons with diabetes can eat carrots either in the raw form or by cooking them lightly. It must be noted that there are several Indian recipes that involve carrots and diabetics can eat them.

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