Excess gas or some disturbance in the movement of the muscles of the digestive system can result in bloating or sensation of fullness. It is okay to get bloating occasionally but getting bloated is not always good. Point is that constant bloating could be due to some underlying health issues like irritable bowel syndrome or IBS, food intolerances, other gastrointestinal conditions etc. Bloating can be controlled or reduced by making some important changes in our diet.

There are some drinks that can be consumed and these drinks would reduce bloating in us effectively. These are

Intake of peppermint tea:

Fact is that by consuming peppermint tea having menthol our GI muscles would get relaxed and flow of bile would become better. This would help in digestion and the bloating problem would get reduced. It is good to drink this tea after eating meals. Please take care

Intake of ginger tea:

The digestive enzymes present in us get stimulated when we drink ginger tea. By this, gas and bloating would get reduced. Drinking ginger tea would also help in controlling blood sugar levels plus relieve pain and inflammation etc.

Intake of chamomile tea:

Our digestive tract would get calm down or relaxed when we drink chamomile tea having anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties. This would reduce bloating.

Intake of fennel tea:

The presence of anethole in the fennel seeds would relax our GI muscles and provide us relief from bloating issues. Intake of this tea might improve our eyesight plus reduce stress etc also.

Intake of lemon water:

Our bloating problem would get reduced when we drink lemon water. The reason is that intake of lemon water would stimulate the production of hydrochloric acid in our stomach, helping digestion and reducing bloating.

Intake of ACV:

ACV or apple cider vinegar consumption can reduce bloating as acetic acid present in ACV would help in digestion and reduce bloating.

Intake of pineapple juice:

Bromelain that is present in the pineapple would break down proteins and aid digestion. Bloating would get reduced.

Intake of kefir:

Bloating would be reduced by consuming kefir rich in fermented dairy products. Truth is that a healthy gut microbiome would be promoted.

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