Apart from various allergies like dust, pollen, insect stings, animal hairs, intake of certain medicines etc, allergies in us can also be caused by eating a particular food.
Many of us would not be aware of this fact and consume food of several types. Allergies due to food  can lead to huge discomfort in us.
What is food allergy:
It must be noted that food allergy is an immune system disorder where the body identifies certain food proteins as harmful and triggers an allergic reaction upon eating that particular food. The symptoms can range from mild to very severe ones also. Therefore, we must be careful if we are allergic to certain foods and identify those foods and never consume them.
Those with food allergy would show these signs
Breathing difficulty:
Severe allergic reactions or anaphylaxis could happen in us if we consume certain allergy causing foods. The airways in us would become constricted and we would find it difficult to breathe. There are also other symptoms of anaphylaxis such as high pulse rate, feeling dizzy etc.
Rashes, itching etc:
After eating a particular food, we might get rashes , itching etc. Truth is that the body would release histamine in response to allergen. The skin would become reddish, itchy etc.
Swelling of face, lips etc:
Some people would have swelling in their face, lips, tongue etc after eating a specific food. This is also one important sign for food allergy. The person would have issues in breathing when the tongue swells as the airways would get obstructed.
Abdominal pain, cramps etc:
By eating certain foods, our digestive system could get irritated and we could get inflammation. This could lead to diarrhoea etc
Nausea or vomiting:
There are also chances of us getting nausea or vomiting when we eat foods that are allergic to us. It must be taken into account that this is the body`s way of expelling the allergen.
Severe coughing:
Food allergy could also lead to severe coughing in us. There are chances that some persons develop asthma-like symptoms even if they do not have asthma history in them.
Headaches or migraines etc:
We could get headaches due to stress, high BP, muscle tension, eye issues etc. Headaches are also possible due to allergy after eating certain foods. Here, the histamine release could lead to inflammation and blood vessel dilation in the brain.
Feeling fatigue:
The inflammatory response and the body`s  attempt to fight the allergen( after eating certain foods) could lead to very tired or fatigue in us.
Swallowing issues:
After eating particular foods, we could get a severe allergy in us and this would be revealed by swollen throat or tongue etc. This would make swallowing very tough.

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