A medical condition that could lead to issues in brain development and brain activity is ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Those persons with ADHD would show several symptoms like unable to sit still, unable to concentrate, excess physical movement, excessive talking etc.
It must be noted that ADHD normally would start in the kids below the age of 12 and boys are more likely to have ADHD when compared to girls.  There are few reasons for ADHD in the kids such as brain injury, exposure to environmental risks during pregnancy, smoking or drinking alcohol during pregnancy etc. The bitter truth is that the presence of ADHD would make it tough for the kids to succeed in both studies and social life. There are some foods that would worsen the ADHD symptoms.

If your kid has ADHD, then these foods must be avoided.

High sugary foods:
Ice creams, candies etc are foods with high sugar content and these foods would affect the energy levels and would lead to hyperactivity in the kids. Therefore, parents must not give these to their kids with ADHD.

High carbohydrates foods:
Parents must not give their kids with ADHD high carbohydrate foods like potato chips, corn chips, French fries etc. These foods would make the ADHD symptoms become worse.

Frozen foods:
The artificial colours in the frozen foods could cause neurological based behavioural patterns that would mimic ADHD. Parents must give home cooked vegetables instead of frozen foods to their kids.

Frosting and cakes etc:
It must be noted that the cakes and frostings etc are rich in sugars and artificial colours and these would result in hyperactivity etc.

Certain common foods:
There are certain common foods like milk, chocolate, soy, wheat and curd etc that could lead to ADHD reactions in the kids. Hence, parents must refrain from giving these foods to their kids with ADHD.

Treatment for ADHD:
It is worthy to note here that stimulants are the best medications to treat ADHD in the kids. Point is that 70 to 80% of children with ADHD would show fewer symptoms when they consume these fast acting medicines.

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