How many of us are aware of the fact that 29th May is observed as World Digestive Health Day?

It must be noted that this day aims to create awareness regarding various digestive problems.

Moreover, 29th May also has other objectives like highlighting the importance of digestive disorders and taking necessary steps to manage the condition. In the year 2005, WGO or World Gastroenterology Organisation established 29th May as the World Digestive Health Day. Established in 1958, WGC is an organisation that promotes digestive health across the world.

What is digestion?

It refers to the process of breaking down food into substances for absorption into the bloodstream by mechanically and enzymatical processes.

Common digestive health problems that can occur in us are

Heartburns and acid reflux:

There would be a burning sensation in the chest when the acid that is present in the stomach flows to the oesophagus. It is believed that factors like diet, obesity and certain medicines etc could lead to this problem. Persons with heartburns and acid reflux issues must not eat spicy, acidic foods etc. It is worthy to note that these persons must not lie down immediately after consuming food.


These days, many people suffer from constipation problems. In this, a person would have infrequent bowel movements and would find it hard to pass stools. Constipation could be due to low fibre foods intake, dehydration, lack of exercise etc. Eating fruits and vegetables, whole grains etc could lead to more constipation intake of fibres.  This would help us to avoid constipation. Over the counter laxatives or softeners can also be used to avoid constipation issues.

IBS or irritable bowel syndrome:

Truth is that IBS is not caused due to a single factor but due to a group of factors like change in routine, emotional stress, infections etc. Persons with IBS would have pain in their abdomen, bloating, gas, changes in bowel habits etc. It is necessary to identify the foods that will lead to IBS and avoid eating them.


A highly common digestive issue that we all would have had in our lives is diarrhoea. Infections, certain foods etc could cause diarrhoea in us. Persons with this issue would have frequent loose watery stools. These persons must drink water to hydrate themselves plus eat a bland diet and avoid fatty, dairy food etc.

Gas and bloating:

By swallowing air or by eating certain foods or due to digestive disorders, we could get these 2 issues in us. Persons with these issues would have a feeling of fullness plus abdominal discomfort etc. They would be passing gas frequently. It is important to eat slowly to avoid swallowing air plus avoid carbonated drinks plus use over the counter medicines etc.

Lactose intolerance:

Lactose is present in dairy foods. To digest lactose, enzyme lactase is needed. Point is that this issue takes place in us when we lack lactase enzymes. Lactose intolerance could cause diarrhoea, bloating etc. Those who are having this issue must avoid intake of dairy products.

Celiac disease:

Persons with autoimmune condition celiac disease must not consume gluten based foods as it might damage the small intestine. These persons would show several symptoms like weight loss, diarrhoea, bloating etc. Following a strict gluten free diet is very essential to lead normal lives.

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