The lives of us have become sedentary after the Coronavirus infection pandemic and it is a fact that many of us have even stopped walking. Doing exercises regularly would keep us in good shape and in good health is a well known fact.  Various benefits of exercising are good weight control, lowering of cholesterol levels, lowering BP, improved blood sugar levels, improved mood, better sleep etc

At Least 30 minutes of exercising daily is important for us and this is recommended by many doctors and health experts. Not all bodies are the same and we must do those only exercises that would not create any issue for us and not do strenuous exercises etc.

These days, many fit people die after or while doing strenuous exercises or workouts in the gyms. Our body would reveal certain signs and we must understand these signs and avoid the gyms for workouts etc.

Various signs revealed by our body are

Chest pain or discomfort:
After hitting the gym, we might feel sudden and intense chest pain in us. Truth is that most of the time this pain is related to heart attacks only and we have to be careful. We must stop doing workouts in the gyms immediately if we get such chest pain.

When we do workouts in the gyms, it is obvious that our heart rate becomes high. Sometimes, breathlessness would be unusual and it would cause chest discomfort too. It must be noted that this could be a precursor for heart attacks also. So, please stop doing workouts when you feel breathless etc. So, please take care.

Unusual sweating:
While exercising in the gyms, it is normal to sweat. We must be very careful when we feel nauseous and break into cold sweats etc as these could be due to heart attacks also.

Nausea or vomiting etc:
By overexertion, we could get nausea as soon as we do exercises in the gyms. This could be due to dehydration and due to electrolyte imbalance etc. These could affect cardiovascular health.

Feeling dizzy:
It is true that any type of physical activity could result in dizzy feeling etc.  If a person feels dizzy or light-headed after workouts in the gyms, then it is not normal. Please be careful about this. It is important to stop exercising if he or she feels dizzy.

Pain in other parts of body:
Sometimes, not only chest pain we could get but also other pain like pain in the jaw or pain in the back, neck etc while exercising in the gyms. There are chances that these signs might be due to some heart issues also.

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