How many of us know the exact difference between hunger and sugar cravings?

While the former refers to our body`s physical need for nourishment, the latter is the desire to eat specific sugary or sweet food. Not many of us would be aware of the fact that low blood sugar levels in us would make us crave for sugary foods to bring up the levels. In addition, factors like stress, medications, hormone imbalance etc would also result in sugar cravings. When our body lacks certain nutrients, then we might have sugar cravings.

It has been brought to light by the American Heart Association that a male must consume no more than 9 teaspoons or 36gms or 150calories of sugar per day and a female must consume no more than 6 teaspoons or 25gms or 100 calories of sugar per day.

Our cravings for sugar could be lowered by consuming these herbs.

Intake of fenugreek:
By consuming fenugreek having soluble fibres, absorption of sugar in the bloodstream would get slowed down. This would help us to control our blood sugar levels. By this, we would be able to control our sugar cravings.

Intake of cinnamon:
By improving our insulin sensitivity and regulating our blood sugar levels, intake of cinnamon would be superb. It must be noted that cinnamon intake would stabilise blood sugars and would reduce our sugar cravings. By this, the overall health would become better in those with diabetes.

Intake of gymnema sylvestre:
It must be taken into account that this herb is used in Ayurvedic medicine as it has got the ability to lower the cravings for sugar. Truth is that intake of gymnema sylvestre would block the sweet taste in the mouth and decrease the desire for sweet food. Healthy blood sugar levels would be supported.

Intake of dandelion root:
When we consume dandelion root, then it would help in liver detoxification. It is noteworthy that by supporting liver health insulin sensitivity and sugar cravings etc would be reduced.

Intake of licorice root:
There are certain compounds present in the licorice root that would regulate the blood sugar levels in us. Intake of licorice would provide sweet taste without negative effects of sugar plus reduce sugar cravings.

Intake of tulsi/holy basil:
The anti-diabetic properties of tulasi or holy basil play an important role here. The blood sugar levels would get stabilised. The fluctuations in blood sugar would get reduced and we would less desire to consume sugary foods.

Intake of milk thistle:
It is important to note that milk thistle would support liver function and help in detoxification. Insulin resistance in us would be improved and sugar cravings would be controlled.
Intake of nettle leaf:
Our blood sugar would be controlled when we eat nettle leaf rich in minerals and vitamins etc. Fact is that inflammation in the body would get lowered. This would in turn help in reduced sugar cravings etc.

Intake of stevia:
Those persons with diabetes could have reduced sugar cravings when they consume stevia. It is worthy to mention that stevia is a natural sweetener derived from the leaves of a stevia plant.

Intake of neem:
For controlling diabetes and lowering the sugar cravings etc, neem has been used in traditional medicine. Intake of neem would regulate blood sugar levels plus improve insulin sensitivity etc.

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