To come out of hunger, many of us would have consumed fruit juices etc.
Have you ever noticed that instead of giving a full feeling, drinking fruit juice has only increased the hunger??
By hunger, our body usually conveys its need for food. Hunger is a feeling that is caused by lack of food and the desire to eat. Every day, we all feel hungry at some point of time and eat food. Normally, we would feel full after eating food. There are few foods that after consuming would create an opposite feeling in us. Truth is that these foods would make us more hungry.

These are the foods that would increase our hunger.

Yoghurt intake:
The presence of dairy fat in yoghurt would make us feel full. There are few low fat versions of yoghurt that do not have dairy fat in them and eating these would make us hungry. It is important to note that the low fat yoghurt has sugars and these sugars would increase our blood sugar levels leading to hunger.

Fruit juice intake:
It is superb to eat whole fruits with rich fiber contents as they would make us feel full for a long time by slowing down the sugar flow into the blood. Point is that consuming fruit juice would make us hungry. The fruit juices lack fiber and this would increase our blood sugar levels followed by sudden drop and thisĀ  would make us feel hungry.

White rice intake:
White rice is rich in carbohydrates and starch is a well known fact. When we eat white rice, our blood sugar levels would increase and there would be sudden drop in the blood sugar levels leading to hunger. Consuming brown rice would be superb.

Egg whites intake:
It is good to eat a whole egg so that we won`t feel hungry. Eating egg whites alone would make us feel hungry.

Cereals intake:
Truth is that intake of certain cereals would make us feel hungry as they would increase our blood sugar levels. For example some grains especially those mentioned as reduced sugar would have artificial sweeteners in them and when consumed would make us feel hungry.

White bread intake:
Many of us eat white bread for breakfast etc. It is worthy to mention that white bread does not have fiber content or nutrients etc in them to make us feel full.l. By eating white bread, we would feel more hungry. Instead of eating white bread, eating whole grain bread would be beneficial.

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