The Department of Income Tax has CATEGORICALLY DECLARED that all PAN card holders MUST link their PAN cards with Aadhar Cards!
Income Tax Departments have further emphasized that those who have not done it MUST EXPEDITE IMMEDIATELY AND DO IT!
As per the Income Tax Act 1961, the PAN Card Holders who do not come under the exemption MUST LINK THEIR PAN CARD WITH AADHAR CARDS BEFORE 31ST MARCH 2023!
Further, it has informed us that the non-linked PAN Cards (with Aadhar cards) WILL BECOME INVALID AFTER 31ST MARCH.
The Head of the Central Department of Direct Taxes Nitin Gupta shared in this regard:
“So far, 61 Crores Individual PAN cards have been issued in India! Out of these, 48 Crores of individual PAN card holders have linked their PAN cards with Aadhar cards! The balance of 13 Crores individuals, including those who are exempted, HAVE NOT LINKED THEIR PAN CARDS WITH THEIR AADHAR CARDS! WE EXPECT THAT THESE INDIVIDUALS EXCEPT THE CITIZENS WHO ARE UNDER THE EXEMPTION CADREĀ  WILL EXPEDITE LINKING THEIR PAN CARDS WITH THEIR AADHAR CARDS BEFORE 31ST MARCH!
Please note that the citizens who have failed to link their PAN cards with Aadhar cards CANNOT avail of the various welfare benefits including the commercial front. As announced in the recent budget, PAN CARD IS SET TO BE THE PUBLIC IDENTITY CARD FOR ALL PURPOSES! With this measure, the industrial sector stands to benefit a lot!”

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