This year, the eagerly awaited and celebrated festival of Akshaya Trithiyai falls on Sunday, 23rd April 2023. However, the event of Trithiyai commences a day before on Saturday, 22nd April at 9:18 AM.

While Trithiyai commences at 9:18 AM on Saturday, it lasts only until 9:27 AM on Sunday, 23rd April. As the time of Trithiyai is during dawn (sunrise) on 23rd April, it is estimated that Sunday, 23rd April, is the day of Akshaya Trithiyai.

Furthermore, the auspicious time for buying gold on Akshaya Trithiyai day has been estimated to be from 7:49 AM on Saturday, 22nd April, until 7:47 AM on Sunday, 23rd April.

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