Tamil Nadu`s renowned Aavin company, known for its delectable Diwali sweets, is set to delight customers once again this year. In a welcomed move, Aavin has confirmed that their special Diwali sweets will be available at the same prices as before, ensuring affordability and maintaining the tradition of delivering festive joy.

Starting from today, October 10th, these delightful Diwali sweets will be accessible at Aavin Balagams and Aavin retail outlets across the state. This annual offering has consistently garnered appreciation from the public for its quality and taste.

Additionally, Aavin extends an invitation to small and micro-enterprises, private businesses, and government organizations interested in purchasing these festive treats for their communities. These entities can reach out to the Tamil Nadu Cooperative Milk Producers Web Sixth Floor Sales Division Cooperative Office, located at 35 Nandanam Chennai, to place their orders.

For further information and inquiries, interested parties can contact Aavin at the following numbers: 94449 15453, 73580 18394, 73580 18392, and 73580 18390.

With Aavin`s commitment to offering Diwali sweets at unchanged prices, the festive season in Tamil Nadu is sure to be a sweet and joyous celebration for all.

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