Egg or ovum plays an important role in the fertility of a woman. Therefore, the ovum or egg must be healthy for her to become pregnant. Healthy eggs would not only determine the regularity of the periods but it would also determine her fertility.

The quality of ovum or egg depends on several factors like age, genetics, hormonal balance, lifestyle choices etc. The number of eggs would reduce when a woman grows older. As a result, the fertility of the woman would also reduce. The food that is consumed by the woman would play an important role in deciding the fertility. There are certain factors like alcohol intake, smoking, poor diet etc that would create a negative effect on the egg or ovum quality.

These are the foods that a woman must eat to improve her quality of ovum or eggs.

Intake of avocados:
The reproductive health of a woman would become better if she eats avocados that are rich in vitamin A, fatty acids , folates etc.

Intake of beans and lentils:
It is highly important for the woman to eat beans and lentils etc for the sake of her egg quality.

Intake of berries:
It must be noted that the egg quality would become better when a woman consumes berries like raspberries, blueberries etc. Truth is that the berries have natural antioxidants plus anti-inflammatory phytonutrients etc in them.

Intake of dry fruits and nuts etc:
Proteins, minerals and vitamins etc are available in these dry fruits and nuts etc. The presence of selenium in walnuts would lower the chromosomal damage in the eggs.

Intake of sesame seeds:
It is noteworthy that intake of sesame seeds would help in the egg release plus in the endometrial lining strengthening etc.

Intake of green leafy veggies:
Oxidative stress would get reduced by eating green leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli cabbage etc.

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