In the special camp conducted for correction in the voter`s list last weekend (Saturday & Sunday) in the polling booths, 7.10 Lakhs applications have been received. Out of these, 4.40 Lakhs applications are for the inclusion of names!


As per the announcement from the Indian Election Commission, the correction of the voter`s list is being carried out in Tamil Nadu from 9th November.


As per the draft voters list released on that day, there are 6.18 Crores, voters, in Tamil Nadu.  The correction has been in progress on the voter`s list and will continue until 8th December.


During this period, tasks such as the addition of names, deletion of names, change of address, and Aadhar details can be undertaken.


First Phase of the Special camp:
In this situation, for the facility of the employees who need to attend work on weekdays, it was announced that the special camps will function on 4 days – 12th, 13th, 26th, and 27th November (Saturdays and Sundays). As such, the first phase of these special camps was conducted in the over 69000 polling booths in the State of Tamil Nadu on Saturdays and Sundays.


In this camp, form6 for inclusion of names, the inclusion of the names of foreign resident Indians, linking Aadhar Card – form 6-B, Form 7 for removal of names, and Form 8 for change of address in the same ward were collected in the camp.


In this, for the addition of names, 44019 applications were received.
Apart from this, 77698 applications were received for the removal of names, and 130614 applications were received for a change of address. 57943 citizens had applied for links with Aadhar cards.


Camps are scheduled to be conducted on the 26th & 27th of November as well!


Apart from the special camps, these corrections on the voter`s list can be carried out directly in the office for voter registration, and also through National Voters Service Portal, and the Voter Registration App!

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