Due to the ongoing northeast monsoon rainy season, the daily requirement of electric power required by Tamil Nadu has come down by over 2000 MW!

Usually, the general daily requirement of Electric Power in the State of Tamil Nadu is 14000 MW.

However, during the peak summer season, the daily requirement will be around 16000 MW and during the winter season, it is 12000 MW.

Last month, the average daily requirement was in the order of 14500 MW.

In this situation, a large number of families left for their native places to celebrate Deepavali. Further, there were successive holidays and many industries and private and public sector offices were closed during this period! Moreover, since the start of November, the northeast monsoon rainy season has intensified!

As such, the usage of fans and air conditioners has reduced.

So, the TANGEDCO officials informed us that the daily electric power consumption of Tamil Nadu State is from 11200 MW to 11600 MW!

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