Dewaswom Board Chief Anathagopan has informed that the temple corridors of the Lord Sri Ayyappan Temple at Sabarimalai will be opened on 16th November (Wednesday, tomorrow) for the occasion of Mandala Makara Vilakku Poojai.

For this year`s Makara Mandala Vilakku Poojai, the temple corridors will be opened at 5.00 PM tomorrow (Wednesday, 16th November).

After that, devotees will be allowed inside the temple on the same evening. On 17th November, which is the Malayalam calendar Viruchikam Month 1st day, from early morning.

The temple corridors will remain open until 27th December for Mandalakala Poojai.

The temple corridors at Sabarimalai Lord Sri Ayyappan temple will open again on 30th December for Makara Vilakku Poojai!

Makara Vilakku Jothi Prayers will continue until 14th January!

The temple corridors will remain open until 20th January.

Online Booking for Darshan is in progress under the Dewaswom Board.

To facilitate the devotees who failed to book ONLINE, centres for booking have been set up in 12 locations in Sabarimalai.

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