The elders observe that, as per the centuries-old tradition, performing a special pooja with whole-hearted dedication in the house will bring relief from existing debts and financial issues.
Chithra Pournami is celebrated grandly by all families. It is especially special to visit the temples and offer prayers on this auspicious day. The might of the temple is believed to be enhanced during the day of the Full Moon (Pournami) in the Tamil Calendar month of Chithirai, according to traditional belief.

Therefore, while visiting the temple on this day, good vibrations reach us and make our lives prosperous and healthier, as per traditional belief.

Devotees who are unable to visit the temples can consider their pooja room in their house as the temple and perform the poojas and prayers themselves.

Please note that the special pooja performed on Chithra Pournami Day holds more significance compared to the pooja performed on ordinary days.

This year (2023), the temple administration of the Lord Arunchaleswarar temple in Thiruvannamalai has announced the ideal time to undertake Girivalam on this auspicious day.

Chithra Pournami is set to commence at 11:59 PM on the 4th of May (Thursday) and conclude at 11:33 PM today (Friday, 5th of May).
Therefore, today (Friday, 5th May) is ideal for undertaking Girivalam, as announced by the temple administration.

While undertaking Girivalam, devotees must be barefoot. Girivalam should be undertaken on Pournami nights. It is also good to undertake Girivalam on other nights. However, undertaking Girivalam on the Pournami night has special extra significance.

While undertaking Girivalam, devotees need to chant `Om Arunachala` or `Om Namasivaya`!

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