There is a change introduced in the payment of taxes including the drinking water charges, etc., in the local administration. From today (Monday, 22nd May), the public cannot pay by cash directly across the counter. ONLINE payment of these taxes comes into effect from today (Monday, 22nd May).

The facility to pay the Property Tax, Drinking water and Drainage system charges, etc., ONLINE has already been introduced in the city administrations and corporations. Presently, this ONLINE payment system is being introduced in village local administrations. In this regard, an Order issued by the Commissioner of Rural Development and Local Administrations, Tharez Ahmed, mentions:

The facility for the village public to pay the Property Tax, Professional Tax, Drinking Water and Drainage System Tax has been created. A single centres accounting system has been made to simplify the payment procedure in the village`s local administrations.

  • The revenue data of Crores of Rupees including the Property Tax covering 1.38 Crore Data have been registered on this exclusive website. In this facility, Property Tax, Drinking Water Charges, Professional Taxes, etc., can be paid ONLINE.
  • Online Banking Accounts, Credit or Debit Cards, UPI and app facilities can be used to make these ONLINE payments. The revenues collected here will be sent to the relevant local administration Public Fund.
  • Note that ONLY ONLINE PAYMENT HAS TO BE MADE FOR ALL CONSTRUCTION PERMISSION UNDER 10000 SQ. FT. The scrutiny of the applications, field surveys, collection of payment, etc., MUST BE DONE ONLY ONLINE. No payment must be made in cash!

The District Collectors MUST confirm the procedure of sending the concerned registers to the Local Administrations!

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