The mandatory transfer of graduate school teachers has been stopped.

Counselling is conducted every year for the teachers working in Government Schools on preferred transfer. The counselling for this year 2023 is in progress commencing on the 15th of May.

The number of students studying in each government school has been taken and registered. The Department of School Education of the State Government of Tamil Nadu has decided the percentage of teachers required for each school based on the number of students in each school.

As per this, wherever the percentage of teachers is higher than the percentage of students, the excess teacher has been counted as supplementary. The Board of School Education ordered the mandatory transfer of these excess teachers.

Accordingly, a decision was taken to order mandatory transfer for these excess teachers. The postgraduate teachers working in the State Government Higher Secondary Schools were given additional work and the graduate teachers were counted as excess and ordered to transfer to other schools.

The Government Teachers` Association protested this measure quite strongly. This news was reported last week in the prominent newspapers. As such, the transfer of the excess graduate teachers, which was to be issued today, has been cancelled suddenly.

The Directorate of School Education of the State Government of Tamil Nadu has ordered NOT TO TRANSFER THE EXCESS GRADUATE TEACHER UNTIL THE NEXT ORDER IN THIS REGARD! With this order, the Government Schools Teachers` Association has been delighted!

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