One common health condition many women have is urinary incontinence or leaking urinary bladder issue. The weak pelvic floor in women is responsible for the leakage of urine. Those women with this issue will find it difficult. In women, the bladder, uterus and bowel are supported by the group of muscles in the pelvic floor. These organs would not be supported well if the pelvic floor gets weakened. As a result, the women would have urinary incontinence. It is well known that the urinary bladder is a hollow organ that stores urine from the kidneys before it gets disposed of by the urination process.

Weak urinary bladder or pelvic floor in women is shown by various sings like

Passing wind from vagina or anus often:

It must be noted that the pelvic floor muscles support rectum and would contribute to gas or fecal incontinence if they were weak.

Not able to reach bathroom on time:

Another sign of a weak pelvic floor is that women sometimes might not be able to reach the bathrooms on time despite rushing. These women might not be able to hold their urine like others.

Loss of sensation in vagina:

Women might lose their sensation in their vagina if they have weak pelvic floor muscles. As a result, they would have decreased sexual pleasure etc.


When a woman has these above-mentioned signs then she must approach a gynaecologist or a doctor without fail and get treated for the issue. Doctors might suggest some pelvic floor exercises, lifestyle changes etc.

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