How do others perform daily tasks more efficiently with less effort when compared to us?

Many of us would have thought about this at some point of time in our lives. The reason for that is due to muscle growth. Both for physical health and for overall well being, muscle growth is important. It is true that increased muscle mass would enhance strength and functional abilities.

It is worthy to mention here that having more muscle mass would contribute to a higher basal metabolic rate. This would help in weight management. When we have strong muscles then we would be able to avoid injuries well. The food we eat plays a huge role in muscle growth. We could get building blocks for muscle development by eating the right nutrients.

Foods that would help in the muscle growth are

Greek yoghurt intake:

The casein or slow digesting protein present in Greek yoghurt would support prolonged muscle protein synthesis. By consuming this food, our gut health, bone health etc would be superb.

Eggs intake:

It is well known that eggs are rich in proteins with all essential amino acids. The presence of vitamin B12 and D plus minerals like iron and zinc would support various bodily functions.

Quinoa intake:

For sustained energy and muscle recovery, it is necessary to eat quinoa that is rich in proteins, carbohydrates and fibres etc. It also has essential amino acids plus minerals and vitamins etc for our overall health.

Cottage cheese intake:

The presence of casein protein in the cottage cheese would help in prolonged muscle protein synthesis. It has got calcium that is necessary for bone health.

Chicken breast intake:

Point is that chicken breast is high quality protein with all essential amino acids needed for muscle protein synthesis. Overall health would be superb by consuming this food that is low in fat but rich in vitamins etc.

Salmon fish  intake:

Muscle protein synthesis would be promoted and inflammation would be lowered by eating salmon rich in protein and omega 3 fatty acids. Our heart health and brain health would be superb when we eat salmon.

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