There is a ductless gland present in our necks and this is thyroid gland. It must be noted that thyroid gland secretes hormones regulating the growth and development. Any issue with thyroid gland could lead to health issues in us. Hence, it is very important that the thyroid gland must function properly in us. Point is that we must not consume all foods when we have thyroid disorder.
There are few foods that we must avoid if we have thyroid disorder and the foods are
Avoid eating soy foods:
The goitrogens present in soy based foods would interfere with the thyroid function. Therefore, persons with thyroid disorders must avoid these foods.
Avoid eating cruciferous vegetables:
It is worthy to note that those with thyroid disorders must not eat cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli etc as they are rich in goitrogens. It is true that eating these veggies would provide us with many health benefits but those with thyroid issues must avoid these vegetables. So, please take care.
Avoid eating millets:
When millets like bajra, ragi etc are consumed in huge amounts, then there are chances that they would interfere with thyroid function. So, those with thyroid disorders must not eat these.
Avoid eating flaxseeds etc:
It is known that flaxseeds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and fibre content etc. Thyroid function would get affected negatively when we eat flaxseeds etc having goitrogens.
Avoid eating nuts:
It is a known fact that eating nuts would be simply superb for our health in numerous ways. Not many would know that nuts have goitrogens in them. Hence, nuts must not be eaten by those persons with thyroid disorders. So, please be careful.
Avoid caffeine:
Truth is that consuming large volumes of caffeinated products would interfere with the thyroid hormone absorption. This would increase the thyroid issues.

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