We all eat different types of foods. There are certain foods that must be soaked in water and then consumed. Only by that, the body would get lots of nourishment from the foods. After soaking in the water overnight, the food would become healthy. It is superb to mention here that the soaked food would relieve fatigue in us plus maintain our stomach in a healthy manner and provide us with energy etc.
The foods that must be soaked in water and consumed are
Poppy seeds:
Poppy seeds are rich in vitamin B plus folate, thiamine etc. Intake of poppy seeds would aid in weight loss. By soaking in the water, the hard exterior gets softened and distinct flavoring ingredients would be released.
When rice is soaked in water, every grain cooks more evenly. By soaking, extra starch would also get removed.
It must be noted that soaked almonds would have great flavor and texture. By soaking almonds, the digestion would become simple and easy for us. Our body would also be able to absorb the nutrients in almonds in a better way.
By soaking in water, mangoes could be made less hot. Truth is that eating mangoes without submerging in the water could result in acne issues in us. There are also chances of getting nausea and vomiting when we eat mangoes directly without soaking in water.
It is important that raisins must be soaked in the water for atleast 8 hours before consuming them. By eating soaked raisins, our mental health would be boosted. In Addition, we could also get several other benefits like weight loss, hair thinning reduction, treating insomnia etc.
Mung beans:
Soaking mung beans in water is essential because it has high concentrations of antioxidants in it. Truth is that soaked mung beans would lessen the inflammation. Harmful effects due to free radicals to the blood vessels would be brought down
Soaked flaxseeds would be of superb use for those with high cholesterol levels. There would be a balance of good and bad cholesterol in us by eating soaked flaxseeds. The presence of dietary fibres in flaxseeds would make the digestive system healthy.
Prunes and apricots:
Sulphites are used to preserve prunes and apricots etc. To remove sulfites, it is essential to soak them in water.
It is important to soak chickpeas in water overnight before consuming because soaking would prevent issues like indigestion, bloating etc in us.

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