Every month, women who have reached reproductive age of 13 or 14 would get periods or menstrual cycles. That is the lining of their uterus would break down and she would bleed. Truth is that a woman would experience several symptoms like severe abdominal cramps, bloating, headaches, mood swings, hot flashes etc during her periods.

During their monthly periods, women would feel highly uncomfortable and would find it tough in doing daily activities also. To avoid or lower these symptoms, women would do certain practices and these would make her discomfort to worsen. Point is that to have a comfortable time during periods women must avoid or stop doing certain things.

Common mistakes that woman must avoid doing in her periods are

Mistake of drinking less water:

To make the body function optimally, women must keep her hydrated well during her periods. The bitter fact is that many women drink very little water during their menstrual cycle or periods to avoid going to bathrooms frequently.  By drinking adequate water in her periods, a woman would be able to lower her issues like headaches, bloating, cramps etc.

Mistake of waxing:

Sensitivity and pain levels would get increased during periods when a woman does waxing. Truth is that hormonal fluctuations during periods would make her skin more sensitive during the waxing process. This would make her highly uncomfortable. It is necessary for the woman to plan the waxing process either before or after her monthly periods.

Mistake of using painkillers frequently:

To manage their menstrual cramps during periods, many women opt for painkillers etc without knowing that it could be dangerous for their health. It is believed that excess use of medicines like ibuprofen etc could lead to gastrointestinal issues. Hence it would be better to opt for herbal based remedies or heat therapy etc to reduce the pain.

Mistake of sleeping late:

Point to be noted is that irregular sleep patterns would increase the menstrual symptoms and disrupt hormonal balance etc. It is true that lack of adequate sleep during periods would increase fatigue, mood swings etc.

Mistake of consuming excess sugar, caffeine etc:

Bloating, irritations and hormonal fluctuations etc would increase during periods when a woman consumes excess sugar and caffeine etc. It would be good if she consumes these in moderate amounts despite her cravings. During periods, a woman can opt for healthier alternatives such as dark chocolates, herbal teas, fruits etc. By consuming these, health would be good.

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