The consumers of electricity in Chennai and in TN are now in a state of fear!!

It is noteworthy that the Electricity Board or EB has been issuing notices to those consumers who have more than one electricity connection to convert them into a single connection. As a result, the consumers now fear that the free electricity of 1000 units might get cancelled.

On 10th September 2022, TNERC or Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission gave permission to the EB to issue to increase the electricity tariffs in Tamil Nadu. Later on, the tariff was also increased.

It is known that the Central govt has ordered linking of Aadhaar number and electricity connections for those consumers who benefit from the subsidy schemes. As a result, EB began the process of linking the Aadhaar number with the electricity connections from November 2022. This linking work got over on 28th February 2022.

Initially, the consumers did not show much interest to link these two as it was announced that 100 units of free electricity would be cancelled but only after the electricity minister Mr. Senthil Balaji assured that the 100 units of free electricity would not be cancelled even after linking Aadhaar number and electricity connection, the consumers began linking these two.

In this situation, the Electricity Regulatory Authority has ordered that if there are more than one connections for the same house then it must be converted into a single connection. There is a rumour spreading in social media platforms like WhatsApp etc that 100 units of free electricity would be cancelled for those who have linked Aadhaar number and electricity connection.

It was also brought out that the employees of EB would go to the houses of consumers and give notices etc. This has also led to some fear among the consumers regarding cancellation of 100 units of free electricity.

It has been explained clearly now by the electricity minister of TN that till now 99% of the consumers( houses, cottage, agricultural electricity connections) have linked their Aadhaar numbers and electricity connections.

He spoke about how in the last few days on the social media platforms like WhatsApp etc an opinion has been spreading regarding how to integrate or link more than one electricity connection in the name of a same person in the same house, the consumers were asked to get an Aadhar number linked to electricity connections. He concluded that it was a wrong opinion and it was untrue.

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