Water soluble vitamin or vitamin B12 is a very essential vitamin for our health. It must be noted that vitamin B12 would keep the body`s blood and nerve cells in good health. It would help in making DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid. This vitamin plays a huge role in the normal functioning of the brain etc.

It is important to increase the levels of vitamin B12 in us. Point is that absorption of this vitamin would be influenced by many factors like age, dietary choices etc. There are some strategies and considerations for maximising the uptake of vitamin B12.

These are

By means of dietary sources:
It is important to note that for absorption of vitamin B12 we must consume adequate amounts of vitamin B12 in the diet. There are few animal sources of vitamin B12 like meat, fish, dairy products etc. For vegetarians etc, plant sources that could provide vitamin B12 are fortified cereals etc.

By selecting high quality sources:
Choosing or selecting high quality sources is necessary for the absorption of this vitamin. Lean cut meat, organ meat like liver and fatty fishes like salmon etc would be superb. Apart from providing the much needed vitamin B12, these foods also provide us with other nutrients too.

By including fortified foods in the diet:
Vitamin B12 is present in food products such as breakfast cereals, milk alternatives that are plant based etc. It is worthy to note here that these fortified foods would be beneficial for vegans and vegetarians etc.

By increasing vitamin B12 substitution:
Sometimes, meeting the much needed vitamin B12 could not be possible through diet alone. In such cases, supplements could be an effective way to ensure adequate intake of this vitamin.

By addressing the underlying conditions:
When a person has digestive disorders and medical conditions like pernicious anaemia and celiac disease etc, then vitamin B12 absorption would be hindered in them. It is necessary to address these underlying conditions for effective vitamin B12 absorption.

 By maintaining enough stomach acid:
For breaking down vitamin B12 from the food and for absorption, enough stomach acid that is hydrochloric acid must be available. Truth is that certain conditions like achlorhydria could reduce absorption of vitamin B12.


By avoiding excess intake of alcohol:
The stomach lining would get damaged by excess drinking of alcohol and the secretion of stomach acid would get reduced. By this, vitamin B12 would get affected. Therefore, it is necessary to limit or avoid alcohol intake.

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