Commonly called morning sickness, nausea occurs during pregnancy and is very common. Hormonal changes are responsible for vomiting and nausea in the pregnant woman. Point is that the  increase in the levels of human gonadotropin hormone and oxytocin could lead to these above said issues.  It must be noted that nausea can occur at any time of the day during pregnancy. The GI system of pregnant women would get affected due to the hormonal changes and this could lead to nausea.

Beginning from 6weeks of pregnancy, the issue of nausea would be there till 12th to 14th weeks of pregnancy.

With these superb effective ways, a pregnant woman could reduce nausea.

By intake of small frequent meals:
It is true that when the stomach of a pregnant woman becomes full then she might get nausea. Therefore, pregnant women must eat small, frequent meals to avoid nausea.

By staying hydrated:
It is necessary that a pregnant woman must keep herself hydrated throughout the day and this could be done by drinking water frequently. There are chances that dehydration could cause nausea.

By avoiding trigger foods:
There are certain foods that can trigger nausea in pregnant women and these foods must be avoided totally. It is important to avoid sweet foods, high spicy foods etc.

By adding ginger:
Ginger is a superb remedy for nausea and pregnant women must consume ginger as ale or candies  etc without fail. Pregnant woman can drink ginger tea and it would be effective for the nausea issue.Intake of ginger would also provide other important health benefits

By drinking peppermint tea:
By drinking peppermint tea, the stomach of a pregnant woman would be soothed and nausea would be lowered.

By using acupressure bands:
This is also one superb way to reduce or avoid nausea in pregnant women. Truth is that these wrist bands would apply pressure on specific points on the wrist and by that nausea could be managed well.

By getting fresh air, using fresh scents:
It would be superb for the pregnant woman to go out in the open to get fresh air and this would reduce nausea. By usining fresh scents like lemon, lavender etc, nausea could be reduced.

By taking prenatal vitamins at nights:
There are also chances to reduce nausea by taking prenatal vitamins during the nights. By taking prenatal vitamins, both woman and her baby would have good health.

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