Getting acidity, heartburns issues etc frequently, don`t worry, you are not alone!!
These days, many of us get these above said issues and find it very difficult. For getting relief from heart burns and acidity etc, many of us consume antacids or a type of medication. These antacids work by lowering the amount of acid in the stomach. The acids present in the stomach would be neutralized by the antacids and this would be done by stopping an enzyme that creates acid to break down food for digestion.
We normally consume antacids for treating issues like acid reflux where we could have trouble swallowing or persistent cough etc. For treating heartburn problems where we could have a burning sensation in chest or throat and for treating indigestion where we could have issues like gas and bloating etc.
It must be noted that these antacids are normally consumed by us in the form of liquids or as chewable gum type tablets.
Various side effects of antacids intake:
It is now revealed by research that consuming antacids regularly to treat acidity etc would increase the chances of getting dementia later on. Fact is that many antacids have calcium in them and by consuming these antacids we could also get  issues like diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, issues regarding mental health, kidney stones etc. There are also possibilities of getting alkalosis where the body doesn`t produce enough acid to function properly.
Precautions that must be followed:
Avoid consuming too much of antacids or do not take them frequently. It is important for the person to consult a doctor if the person gets heartburn or indigestion issues everyday. According to the label of each brand, it is necessary to follow the instructions regarding the quantity and frequency of intake etc.

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