Effective midnight tonight, toll rates at more than 25 toll booths in Tamil Nadu are set to increase from Rs. 5 to Rs. 65.

Across the nation`s highways, there are a total of 816 toll booths, with fees ranging from Rs. 85 to Rs. 470. Toll hikes occur annually in April and September.

In Tamil Nadu, there are over 54 toll booths, and in April, rates at 29 of these booths were raised from Rs. 5 to Rs. 55.

For four-wheelers, the one-time toll will increase from Rs. 85 to Rs. 90, while the round-trip toll will go from Rs. 125 to Rs. 135. Light vehicles will see an increase from Rs. 145 to Rs. 160 for a one-way journey and from Rs. 220 to Rs. 240 for a round-trip. Heavy vehicles, including lorries and buses, will experience an increase from Rs. 290 to Rs. 320 for a one-way journey and from Rs. 440 to Rs. 480 for a round-trip. Single-way fares for heavy vehicles will increase from Rs. 470 to Rs. 515, and round-trip fares will increase from Rs. 705 to Rs. 770.

In summary, toll rates for a single journey will rise by Rs. 5 to Rs. 45, and for a round-trip, the increase will be from Rs. 10 to Rs. 65.

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