The Director of the Department of General Public Health, Dr Selvavinayakam has informed us that the third phase of the Polio Vaccination for Children under the National Vaccination Schedule will be administered in the State of Tamil Nadu from 4th January 2023.

As per this, in a circular sent to all the District Health Officers, it is mentioned:

“The State of Tamil Nadu has been occupying the pride of place, the First among the State in implementation of Health Schemes! Especially, the vaccination schedule for children and pregnant women is taken up on a war footing and implemented!

Vaccinations are being administered by the State Government of Tamil Nadu every year for 10 Lakhs Pregnant Women and 9 Lakhs children!

For newborn infants, the polio vaccine is administered in 2 phases – first, after 6 weeks of birth and the second, after 14 weeks!

Apart from this, camps for administering polio drops are also being conducted!

Though the State of Tamil Nadu has eradicated polio, as a precautionary measure, the third phase of the polio vaccine is to be administered from the 4th of January!

As such, the district health officers MUST take initiative to start all the necessary preparatory tasks!”

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