It is natural for our liver, kidneys and colon etc to remove or eliminate toxins and harmful substances from our bodies. This elimination of toxins etc from the body is termed as detoxification. There are many benefits of detoxification such as boosting of energy levels, improved digestion, boosted immune system, lowering inflammation etc. There are certain foods that we must eat for the detoxification process.

Various foods that will help in detoxification are

Intake of lemons:
By consuming lemon rich in vitamin C, our liver would get stimulated and detoxification would be promoted. By consuming lemon water every day in the morning, toxins would be removed from our bodies and digestion would be promoted.

Intake of garlic:
The sulphur compounds present in the garlic would activate liver enzymes responsible for flushing out toxins. Point is that garlic has antibacterial as well as antiviral properties and it would support the immune system.

Intake of ginger:
When we eat ginger, then digestion and circulation would be stimulated and this is due to the presence of anti-inflammatory properties in ginger.

Intake of green leafy veggies:
Toxins from the body would get eliminated by eating green leafy vegetables like kale, spinach rich in chlorophyll etc. The Detoxification process would be supported by the presence of minerals, vitamins etc present in these vegetables.

Intake of turmeric:
Turmeric has cucurmin which is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound. Liver functioning would be supported by turmeric intake and inflammation would be lowered.

Intake of avocado:
Liver health and detoxification would be supported by eating avocados rich in healthy fats and antioxidants. The digestion would be improved due to the presence of fibres in this fruit.

Intake of seaweeds:
The presence of many nutrients and minerals in seaweeds like spirulina and chlorella etc would help in the detoxification process. Truth is that heavy metals and toxins present in the body would get eliminated by the intake of seaweeds.

Intake of almonds:
Fibres, healthy fats and proteins are present in almonds is a known fact. Detoxification and liver health would be supported by intake of almonds.

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