The activity of repairing and setting up the LARGE SIZE COPRA FOR THE LIGHTING OF THE Maha Deepam is in progress at full-swig!

The Bharani Deepam at the Thiruvannamalai Lord Arunchaleswarar temple is scheduled at 4.00 Am in front of the Sanctum Sanctorum of the Lord Arunchaleswarar.

Maha Deepam on top of the 2668′ high mountain is scheduled to be lit at 6.00 PM.

To ensure that the copra on which the Maha Deepam is lit does not get damaged due to overheating, it is made on specially-made copper sheets!

To carry this copra, of 5.5′ height, to be carried up the hill without any problems, 4 rings are fitted on both the top and bottom of the copra vessel and painted yesterday (Friday, 2nd December)!

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