The Minister for School Education of the State Government of Tamil Nadu, Anbil Magesh, has announced that schools in Tamil Nadu will reopen on the 7th of June.
Due to the particularly scorching summer of 2023, there was a public appeal to postpone the reopening of schools.
Following this, Minister Anbil Magesh held a session with the press reporters this morning (Today, Friday, 26th March).
He informed me that after a detailed review with the concerned officials, two dates were selected for the reopening of schools. He stated that the schools would reopen on the date chosen by the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.
The summer season is intended for students to relax. Therefore, Private Schools MUST refrain from conducting classes during this period! I appeal to them in this regard! Instead, utilize the summer vacation to enhance skills such as improving English, swimming, and other sports.
As per the Chief Minister`s review, the schools will reopen on the 7th of June.
Therefore, it is announced that schools will reopen on the 7th of June for all classes from the 1st Standard to the 12th Standard!

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